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Marble & Granite


Marble And Granite

Marmo is the origin of marble in Egypt

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

Marmo marble was established in 2014 since it's debut Marmo marble. was determined to provide top notch quality marble, granite, mosaic and sandstones add this to the fact that the company's engineers, design team, marketing, sales, customer service and projects supervisors' personnel are professionally trained to help and guide you from choosing the suitable material for your project, calculate your exact measures, designing your project using AutoCAD, delivering your project to getting the feedback of our dear customers.
Our main ideology is gaining new customers and maintain long professional relationships with our clients and we achieve that by exceeding our client's expectations regarding the quality of our products and the precision of our installation team.
Make your vision a reality with Marmo marble.

Our Products

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

Professional Services


مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure from metamorphism. It consists mainly of the mineral calcite (CaCO3) and usually contains other minerals,

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

Egyptian Granite

Egyptian granite remains number one in the world, and history testifies to this that it is the best and finest type of granite and its advantages are superior to any other granite. Granite is not easily affected and is easy to clean unlike marble

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

Imported marble is distinguished as 100% pure and natural marble. It is also distinguished by its elegance, elegance and attractive luster.. Imported marble, which serves every modern home, and its features are solidity and durability and lasts for a longer life....

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت


Marmo has an artistic collection made of marble that is used for interior and exterior decoration, giving the impression of sophistication and beauty to your home

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت


Uses: floors, walls, stairs, stairs, sinks, kitchens, exterior, interior, columns, heaters We supply and install floors, walls, exterior and interior facades

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

Imported Granite

Imported granite varies in shapes and types and is used in exterior and interior decorations, kitchens and sinks

Client Testimonial

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

Dealing with the company in the utmost respect, people who help diligently and let you know how to choose the material and colors well

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت
مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت
مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

Our Advantage

مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت


High quality





مارمو للرخام و الجرانيت

20 Year Of Experience

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