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1- Fagot en bois :

Les dalles sont rassemblées en groupes chaque groupe contient de forme 8 à 15 dalles selon leur épaisseur emballées en fagots boisés & Chargées soit en conteneur boîte de 20 pieds à l'aide de la grue à flèche soit en conteneur ouvert à l'aide du pont roulant selon la demande de notre client ainsi que la disponibilité des conteneurs à toit ouvert.

NB Les dalles polies sont séparées par des feuilles de plastique pour être protégées contre les rayures.

2- Slabs Grouping:

The Slabs Grouping way of packing is really near from the wooden bundle way of packing, where each bundle (8 to 12 slabs according to the thickness) is separated from the other by two wooden bars and all the bundles are place over another two wooden bars separating the slabs form the ground of the container and this enables our customers to wire each bundle separately, lifting them up by using a boom crane or a fork lift and withdraw it out of the container. The only difference is that you will not be able to unload the container by pulling the bundles out.

3- Slabs Normal Packing:

The slabs are manually placed directly on the ground of the container lashed on two wooden bars (Coverlets) on the inner long sides of 20 feet dry Box container, if the slabs are long in length so the container take only two groups one to the right and the other to the left, if the slabs are short in length so the container take four group of slabs two to the right and two to the left.
N.B. Polished Slabs are separated by Plastic sheets to be protected against scratches.

4- (A) Frame :


look at the picture inside open top container

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